11 marzo 2016

Basic email configuration for odoo

How to configure odoo in order to send, receive and track emails

Agile Business Group Sagl, Lorenzo Battistini


This tutorial is based on odoo 8.0

The odoo email system is very powerfull but not trivial.

Following a discussion in the odoo Italian forum, I will describe the basic configuration to make the integration work in the most common use case: users will keep using their usual email address but, in parallel, comunications related to odoo documents will be handled and tracked by odoo.


Create a mailbox to be used by odoo, say odoo@yourcompany.com (I tested it with a google email).

In odoo, install fetchmail and configure the incoming and outgoing mail servers (Settings --> Technical --> Email) for odoo@yourcompany.com. If you use google, the SMTP server is smtp.gmail.com (with SSL/TLS) and the IMAP server is imap.googlemail.com (with SSL/TLS).

Configure the system parameters (Settings --> Technical --> Parameters) mail.catchall.alias and mail.catchall.domain with odoo and yourcompany.com respectively.

Create 2 new odoo users using existing email addresses, like user1@yourcompany.com and user2@yourcompany.com.

Log into odoo with user1, create a new document, say a customer customer1, and add user2 to the document's followers. Send a message to the document's followers using odoo:

Go to user2@yourcompany.com mailbox, open the received message and reply to it.

Wait 5 minutes (standard interval of fetchmail cron) and user1@yourcompany.com will receive the answer sent by user1@yourcompany.com.

Every message of the thread will now be appended to customer1.

  • Agile Business Group Sagl, Lorenzo Battistini
    su 08/03/2017 07:48:05

    Hello Carlos, they are used by odoo to build the email address to be used in "reply-to" field of sent emails

  • Carlos Oblea Silva
    su 07/03/2017 16:01:18

    hello, excuse what is the mail.catchall.alias y mail.catchall.domain for?

    su 05/02/2017 14:45:24